‘C’ your Workplace better with the power of the three C’s:
Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration

Builds alliances in a professional setting

Fosters connections on a deep heart level

Unleashes imagination and flow

Encourages cooperation and collaboration

Increases energy and job performance

Reduces stress

Advances originality (think outside the box thinking)

Boosts productivity and morale

Helps employees achieve their highest potential

Benefits all employees—manual laborers to CEOs

Experience Creativity Blast at your workplace! 

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I participated as a non-poet and someone quite shy about my ability to write anything creative. Magdalena made the process so comfortable and open and relaxed… Our shared poems led to us getting to know each other in a personal way that lent itself to a more affable workplace — I found myself saying hello to folks in the hall I had never even known were in the building. It was a great reminder that we’re all human and not just worker bees and employees.  — M.H., ETR Associates, Scotts Valley, CA


The workshops were quite extraordinary… These remarkable sessions produced a special bond amongst the participants, and we created much interesting poetry over the years.  K.C., ETR Associates, Scotts Valley, CA


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